The Brought Family Secrets: Defenders of the Light

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A Christian sci-fi / suspense novel about angels, aliens and demons by Tami Stevenson.

Published by Suwannee Valley Times.

To friends and neighbors, they are your average, rural Christian family that live and love on their sixth generation farm in Michigan. But the Brought family has kept a secret for generations. They have been blessed with extraordinary gifts from the Father.

When an ancient temple complex is discovered along the Au Sable River, near Lumberman's Monument and their favorite fishing hole, their gifts ultimately involve them in joining forces with angels and aliens to fight the dark powers that lie buried beneath.

Will Ben convince his pastor the Bible isn't wrong just because ancient structures are being discovered and the earth may be older than we thought?

Is the Bible wrong if aliens do exist?

Will the most beautiful creature he's ever seen, the love of his life, survive the sacrifice she made?



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